Digital Solutions

Digital advertising products allow radio stations to increase their share of wallet with advertisers by offering completely integrated campaigns.

It complements what advertisers are buying from you today—airtime, owned media and promotional programs—and amplifies the results by reaching audiences across all mediums

Digital Producsts

Marketron NXT

Marketron NXT is a comprehensive ad platform built for radio. It combines both digital and airtime ad management; simplifying your daily business operations so you can focus on what matters most to your bottom line – your advertisers.

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Pitch is an advanced digital ad platform that complements existing airtime advertising initiatives, providing broadcasters with an opportunity to increase overall ad revenue through display ads, pre-roll, SEM and Social.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing allows advertisers to target their audience where they are engaged most—the inbox—and drive these customers to their website using a layered approach of email marketing as a foundation.

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Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging campaigns engage your audience and deliver value to sponsors and advertisers. Text programs create revenue that far exceeds the cost of service.

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